Defective Truck Equipment

Trucking companies have a legal responsibility to ensure that their rigs are properly maintained and safe for the road. Equipment failure can result in devastating accidents and injure dozens. Truck equipment manufacturers also have a legal responsibility to make sure that their products are roadworthy, and free of defects that could cause or contribute to an accident.

If your loved one was involved in a trucking accident that involved defective equipment, you also have legal options to bring a lawsuit against the equipment manufacturer. This lawsuit is independent of any legal action you are taking against the trucking company.

Getting Results When Truck Manufacturers Contributed To Trucking Accidents

At Lorenz & Lorenz, L.L.P., our attorneys have the experience in personal injury discovery and litigation needed to thoroughly investigate the accident to find out if defective equipment contributed to the accident. We will advise you of all legal options available to you and provide you a clear understanding of the steps you should take to hold the responsible parties accountable.

Find out the truth about the trucking accident that devastated your life. Call our law offices today to discuss the case and how to recover maximum damages for your pain.

Our lawyers will conduct a thorough investigation of the accident. We will work with forensic professionals and experts to reconstruct the accident, and to determine where the failures occurred. Using forensic science and physics, we will determine if any equipment failure occurred that should have been prevented by the manufacturer.

If defective equipment played a role in the accident, we will put together a case on your behalf that seeks maximum damages against the company — helping to prevent future accidents from occurring to others.

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