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Addressing Legal Truck Driving Hours and Violations

When a large tractor-trailer is the cause of a devastating car accident, it is important that all aspects of the crash are investigated to ensure that the proper parties are being held responsible for the accident. While improper truck maintenance may result in the trucking company being held liable, the driver's failure to stay within legal truck driving hours may result in action being taken against him or her.

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Logbook Violations

Legal truck driving hours are in place to ensure the safety of other drivers and to provide adequate rest time for the drivers. Without rest time, drivers may be driving fatigued and risk falling asleep at the wheel or lack the alertness that is needed to respond to dangerous situations on the roads.

Semi-truck drivers are required by federal law to keep an accurate log of their driving hours. These books are to be available to authorities to review whenever needed. If a violation is noted, either by the entering of too much driving time or the omission of proven time on the road, the driver may be held liable for the accident and other damages or fines.

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