Austin Ranks Third Nationally for Traffic Congestion

Austin is a popular destination for tourists across the United States. But until you visit, you may not know that it also has a reputation for traffic congestion. And if that visit coincides with one of Austin's many music or film festivals (let alone when the University of Texas is in session), the extra people on the road can turn a freeway into a campsite.

In fact, Austin is tied for third nationally (along with San Francisco and New York City) for traffic congestion. Only Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. rank higher. Experienced Austin car accident attorneys have seen how this traffic impacts the rate of collisions in the area, but how bad is the traffic in Austin?

A statewide study by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) found that the stretch of I-35 between Highway 71 and US 183 is the fourth-most congested stretch of road in the state. It is not uncommon for motorists on this road to spend a significant portion of their commute stuck in heavy traffic.

On that patch of bad road, TxDOT estimates that travel times can be increased by as much as 73 percent, costing drivers over $100 million annually. And that's just one stretch of road-nine other Austin roads made TxDOT's list of the 100 most congested in the state.

More traffic could potentially increase the risk of motor vehicle accidents. Drivers may become impatient and take unnecessary chances, leaving other motorists little time to react. Distracted driving is also a concern, as people may use cell phones or text while driving to notify others that they are running late. Commercial vehicles also use I-35 as a major route to transport goods throughout the region.

With so many Austin-area roads suffering from heavy traffic problems, motorists need to be alert while behind the wheel. If you or a loved one has been injured in a Texas motor vehicle accident, contact an experienced attorney to understand the options available to you. Insurance companies do not represent your best interests, and may try to get you to settle your case for less than it is worth.