Austin Studying Traffic Problem

Anyone on Austin area roadways during rush hour knows how terrible the commute can be. Whether it is morning or evening rush hour, it is not uncommon to be sitting in traffic without moving. While it can be extremely frustrating, it can also be dangerous to motorists traveling on high-traffic roads. The more cars and trucks bunched together, the greater the risk for a serious motor vehicle accident. In order to make roadways safer, engineers have been studying methods to improve traffic flow.

Most of the local attention has been focused on fixing Interstate 35. The Texas Department of Transportation has ranked it as the fourth most-congested roadway in Texas. The Daily Beast, in combination with INRIX, a traffic information provider, recently called Southbound I-35 the sixth worst commute in all of the United States.

Officials are considering various ways to address the traffic concerns, including toll lanes and the relocation of exit ramps. Currently, a consultant group has been hired in an effort to find a low-cost and quick solution to the problem. Their recommendations are expected sometime next year. However, due to a struggling economy, there is no money to implement any of the solutions that the group recommends, and it may be necessary to find additional groups who can help with any necessary changes.

While this study is pending, high-traffic volumes have led to other issues besides a lengthy commute. Interstate 35 is a main artery in the city, heavily traveled by passenger and commercial vehicles. With all of these vehicles in the region at any given time, sometimes motor vehicle accidents are unavoidable. Even drivers who do everything right might find themselves on the wrong end of a collision.

If you have been injured in a Texas motor vehicle accident, contact an experienced attorney to understand the options that may be available. Do not let insurance companies talk you into settling your case, as they do not have your best interests in mind.