Common braking system problems and how to avoid them

Keeping the brake system safely maintained and knowing what problems to watch out for will keep motorists safe.

Regular vehicular maintenance is an important part of having a vehicle that lasts as long as possible when driving Texas roads. Systems that most often need to be replaced or maintained include windshield wiper blades, exterior lights and brake pads. Brake pads alone are an important thing to have regularly changed, but the whole braking system also experiences a lot of wear and tear. The safety importance of having a properly functioning braking system warrants that drivers be aware of the most common brake-related problems, as well as the maintenance strategies that will keep things working dependably.

Most frequently encountered brake issues

When on the road, there are often warning signs that indicate some brake maintenance is needed. The following list contains some of what mechanics typically see when they do work on brakes and the signs that driver will notice:

· Smoking brakes often indicates that brakes are being applied too hard when going down a steep slope. Doing this too much can cause the brakes to overheat and leave a glaze over the brake pads.

· If the brake pedal is pushing to the floor, it could indicate that the hydraulic system has a leak. This is a serious issue that could lead to an accident, and the car should stop being driven immediately and should be towed to where it can be inspected.

· When braking, if the steering wheel shakes, there could be warped rotors which prevent the brakes from evenly pressing on the surface of the wheels.

· If the brake pads are wearing down too much, a squealing sound will be audible when the brakes are applied. This means they need to be replaced soon.

Vehicles driving on mountain roads with steep slopes and heavy vehicles are likely to encounter the above issues with greater frequency.

Brake maintenance tips

A clean braking system will run more smoothly and, more importantly, when residue accumulates it is more likely for the system to overheat. Another tip when attempting to brake safely down mountain roads is to shift the vehicle into a lower gear. This will allow some of the braking to be done by the engine. Even when not on a slope, it is not a good idea to "ride" the brakes. Braking as needed and coasting to slow down gives the brakes time to cool, and reduces the amount to wear on them.

A faulty braking system can lead to a traumatic accident, and people in Texas who end up injured as a result could end up dealing with high expenses paid for medical bills. It may be possible to get financial compensation do deal with these costs. An attorney in the local area who practices personal injury law may be able to help in such matters.