Is TxDot Clearing Roads to Super Bowl More Quickly?

The Super Bowl is creating controversy in Texas before it even begins. As north Texas, including Dallas and Fort Worth, experienced a significant blast of winter weather, some Texans believe that the roads most traveled by Super Bowl visitors have been cleared more quickly than others.

According to WFAA-TV reports, it appears that southern portions of Dallas may have been neglected in sand and plowing actions in favor of plowing and treating the roads in northern Dallas, where the Super Bowl is being held this Sunday. The observation was made by viewing traffic and crash cameras throughout the city of Dallas. Noticeably more car accidents and 18-wheeler truck accidents occurred in the southern parts of Dallas, whereas the northern parts appeared "groomed" over the lunch hour when the bulk of the precipitation stopped.

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) denied the accusation, however. The Department said that no particular area in Texas is receiving more favorable plowing or snow clearing treatment.

Extra road crews were brought into Dallas in advance of the Super Bowl to assist in handling the additional traffic on I-30, I-35E, Highway 183, Highway 114 and US 75, according to WFAA-TV.

Regardless of TxDOT's efforts to clear the roads in northern Texas, there are still extremely difficult, even treacherous, swaths of roads, highways and interstates due to the sleet, snow and ice. Temperatures are not expected to climb above freezing until Friday, which will hamper TxDOT's efforts to clear the roads and improve travel conditions for all drivers in Texas.

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