Safety tips for Texas bicyclists

Know how to remain as safe as possible while riding your bike this spring and summer season.

Warmer weather means that more people will take to the streets and roads of Texas on their bicycles. If you or your children will be among them, you will want to either learn or brush up on your bike safety to better avoid being involved in a personal injury accident. Even if you have been sharing the road with motorists for years while on your bike, it never hurts to remind yourself of how you can remain unharmed and compliant with the law.

Be on the lookout for doors

If your bike travels will take you into a city or along streets where cars are parked, be on the lookout for unwary drivers opening their doors. A car door can open before you realize it and cause a serious accident as well as potential injury. Your best bet is to leave plenty of space between you and potentially swinging car doors, assuming that any of them can peel open at any moment.

Ride with traffic

You might have heard that it is best that you ride against the flow of traffic so that you can see all the cars coming toward you. While this is understandable, the problem is that your speed and the speed of oncoming cars combined can lead to more serious injuries. When you ride with the flow of traffic, drivers have an easier time of predicting what you might do, which cannot always be said if you are riding in the opposite direction.

Do not forget the basics

It should go without saying, but it definitely bears repeating: make sure you always ride with a helmet. Additionally, your helmet should fit you well and be comfortable on your head. Also, make sure your bike is comfortable and the right size for you.

Ride cautiously around right hooks

Pay extra close attention to intersections, because there might be a car behind you that wants to turn right. What sometimes happens is cars speed up to get in front of cyclists to make a right turn. Their slowing down to make that turn can become the setup for a bike accident if you are not careful. Besides looking over your left shoulder to check to see if there are approaching cars behind you, you should also ride the line between turn lanes and traffic, doing so by merging early. If there is a car ahead of you slowing down to turn, only pass it by on its outside.

Even if you follow all the bike safety tips in the world while riding in Texas, there are no guarantees. Any personal injuries you suffer might be better handled by an attorney.