Texas Hit by Rare Winter Storm; Chaos on the Roads

A highly usual burst of extreme winter weather hit north Texas, causing hundreds of car accidents and truck accidents. Despite the best efforts by Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), the roads were covered in a layer of snow and freezing rain. Parts of Texas received as much as 3 inches of snow and sleet.

According to TxDot, nearly 800 workers attempted to the clear the roads overnight hours on Tuesday, February 2. Even with the big effort to clear roadways, highways, side streets and interstates were filled with rollover accidents, rear-end accidents and spin-out accidents. In one extreme case, it was reported that 18 vehicles slid sideways into each other on N. Beach Street in Fort Worth.

Several 18-wheeler accidents also closed or obstructed highways. On 35W, an 18-wheeler jackknifed and closed the road to all traffic. Trucks and cars throughout the Fort Worth/Dallas area struggled with stopping on the icy highways and roads.

While the rain and sleet stopped by noon on Tuesday, conditions are not anticipated to improve as temperatures dip further. Parts of northern Texas are expected to experience below zero wind chill Tuesday night. Temperatures this low have not been felt in Texas since 1996. Based on weather reports, the below freezing temperatures may make driving even more hazardous Wednesday morning.

There are several safety precautions that can be undertaken when the road conditions are this poor. It is advisable to stay off the roads when this amount of ice has accumulated on the roads to avoid a serious car accident. If it's absolutely necessary to leave home, driving slowly can help prevent rear-end accidents as a result of slick road conditions. Drivers should also maintain a larger than normal stopping distance between vehicles.

This large storm has wrecked havoc for drivers and airline passengers throughout much of the middle of the country. Cities that rarely experience winter weather are left having to learn the hard way that winter driving can be extremely difficult and dangerous.

If you or someone you love is injured in a car accident, contacting an experienced car accident lawyer can help you understand your rights. Even in treacherous driving conditions, drivers may fail to use the appropriate amount of care while driving. At-fault drivers should be held responsible for the harm that they cause.