Austin Air Bag Defect Attorneys

Air Bag Injuries in Car Accidents

The same air bags that are supposed to protect us in a crash can still result in injury if they fail to deploy or deploy at the wrong time. If you were injured because of an air bag defect, the company that made or installed the air bag may be liable for damages.

Lorenz & Lorenz, L.L.P. represents car accident victims in Austin and central Texas, including air bag injury cases. Our experienced lawyers have the knowledge and resources to hold manufacturers and other entities accountable.

Call us at 877-LORENZ2 (877-567-3692) as soon as possible after the accident, before your vehicle is hauled away or repaired. It is important that our experts are able to examine the air bag and the vehicle in order to support your claim.

Air Bag Defects

Modern air bags are designed to inflate in a specific way depending on the force of impact. When they don't work as intended, they can do more harm than good or add to injuries from the impact of a crash:

  • Failure to deploy in a high-speed crash. Victims suffer injuries to the head, face, upper body or arms when they strike the steering wheel, dashboard or door because the bag didn't inflate or triggered too late to cushion the impact.
  • Improper deployment in a low-speed crash. Air bags should not inflate in a "fender bender." If they deploy when they shouldn't, the high pressure blow commonly causes cuts and abrasions or neck injuries as the bag strikes the person's head.

Lorenz & Lorenz has access to auto defect experts who can inspect the air bag and determine if the malfunction was due to a design defect, a manufacturing flaw or improper installation. We then seek damages from the automaker, air bag manufacturer, or a dealership or auto shop that installed the bag.

Even if your injuries are minor, our attorneys will pursue third party claims to cover your losses if you have a viable claim. Contact our Austin office for a free case evaluation.