Austin Air Bag Injury Attorney

Air bags are in most cars today in order to protect drivers and passengers from potential deadly impact with steel and glass in a sudden crash. Air bags were developed by the automotive industry through many years of trials and laboratory tests with crash dummies. If your injuries were made worse by a malfunctioning air bag or even by a properly functioning air bag, the good news is that the air bag may have saved your life nonetheless. On the other hand, your injuries require treatment and recovery time, and may leave you with lasting disabilities.

It is important to inspect your crashed car and determine whether the air bag worked properly. If it did not work right, your car manufacturer may be one of the liable parties in your injury claim. Do you have a product liability claim in addition to a claim against a motorist whose traffic violation caused the collision? Talk to an experienced and knowledgeable car accident attorney before accepting the idea that your injury claim pertains solely to your or the other motorist's auto insurance policies.

Injuries Caused by an Air Bag

Your injuries in a car accident may be worse if an air bag in your car malfunctions. Even if it functions as it should, some injuries may be a natural result of the forces of the exploding air bag. For example, it is common for a driver to suffer a broken thumb as he or she is gripping the steering wheel and the air bag releases its sudden force. Abrasions and burns, shoulder injuries and abdominal injuries caused by a seat belt are also common. Release of chemical compounds found inside an air bag may cause eye or lung irritation.

In a worst-case scenario, however, an air bag can seriously injury or kill a driver or passenger. If your family is coping with this harsh reality, we at Lorenz & Lorenz, LLP, assure you that we are here to help. Consultations are free, and we will be glad to visit you in a hospital or at home as needed.

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