Austin Seat Belt Failure Lawyer

The seat belt was one of the most important innovations enhancing safety for drivers and passengers in the years after the automobile became the most common way for Americans to get around. Today's seat belts include shoulder belts as well as straps to go around the abdomen. In a car accident, a person wearing a seat belt usually fares far better than would be the case without a seat belt. For this reason, many jurisdictions have laws requiring the use of seat belts. Failure to fasten your seat belt can be cause for a police officer to give you a traffic ticket.

It is likely, however, that you are reviewing this web page after the fact; after the car or truck accident that caused your injuries or took the life of your loved one. A detailed investigation into all aspects of the accident may reveal that the injured person's seat belt malfunctioned and contributed to or caused injury or death.

A seat belt gives many people some sense of security when traveling by car. This may be a false sense of security, however, if seat belts do not work as they should at the critical moment of a crash. The first collision of one car against another in turn triggers a rapid-fire second collision of occupants of a vehicle against a seat belt, a windshield, a dashboard, a seat back or a steering wheel. Did your seat belt protect you as it was supposed to during the milliseconds of that second collision?

If not, was the failure of the seat belt to protect you a result of any of the following factors?

  • False latching
  • Ripped or torn webbing
  • Retractor failure
  • Poor seat belt design
  • Vehicle system failure, such as roof crush, impacting the effectiveness of the seat belt

Only by preserving the evidence of the crashed car can these questions be fully investigated. The sooner after your car accident you contact an attorney, the better.

Were Your Injuries Caused by Seat Belt Failure?

It is important to evaluate the evidence as soon as possible, while also watching out for the well-being of the injured person in terms of medical treatment. Many injury victims are unsure where they can receive treatment for their particular type of injury, do not have health insurance, or do not know any physicians in the Austin area. Lorenz & Lorenz assists many clients by referring them to a doctor for treatment if necessary.

Contact an Austin or San Marcos Car Accident Attorney

What was the main cause of your injuries in your car accident in Austin? Seat belt failure? Attorney Ted Lorenz or Lesley Lorenz can help explore this and other critical questions. The end goal of our legal representation will be to help you collect ample compensation for your injuries and losses from all available sources of compensation, including a car manufacturer if this is appropriate. Call 877-LORENZ2 (877-567-3692) at any hour of the day or night or send an e-mail to schedule a free consultation with a Texas lawyer. Se habla español .