Accidents Caused by Unsafe Road or Highway Design

Car manufacturers, drivers and government bodies all have a part to play in traffic safety. Government entities are largely responsible for licensing of cars and drivers as well as building and maintaining safe roads and highways. In the words of Texas statute 224.151, "Subject to the availability of state and federal funds, it is the intent of the legislature to . . . improve safety, conserve fuel, decrease traffic congestion during rush hours, improve air quality, develop innovative techniques to finance transportation projects, and enhance the use of existing highways and facilities."

When poor road or highway design is a major contributing factor in a car or truck accident that causes injury or death, affected individuals may look to government bodies such as a municipality, a county or the state of Texas for compensation.

In spite of the best efforts of civil engineers and road construction contractors hired by the state of Texas, mistakes can and do occur. Traffic conditions and automobile design changes over the years, and sometimes road and highway design fail to keep up with what is needed in the 21st century. Evidence of poor or outdated road or highway design may include the following:

  • An intersection or strip of highway with a history of collisions
  • Lack of proper traffic control such as traffic signals or yield signs
  • Hazardous road or highway conditions caused by weather or damage to pavement, such as potholes
  • Lack of proper drainage, leading to puddling or ice accumulation
  • Lack of guardrails on curves or along steep embankments
  • Insufficient barriers in between north and southbound or east and westbound lanes

Highway design standards are quite uniform from one area of the country to another and from one region of Texas to another. Professionals in the field of highway design all have access to the same body of knowledge. A county or the state can and should be held accountable when road or highway design is defective and results in serious injury to motorists and their passengers.

Our main emphasis at Lorenz & Lorenz, LLP, is personal injury. We handle clients' claims for compensation after they have been injured or lost family members in car wrecks and truck wrecks. When we bring a case for compensation to a government body or an engineering firm because poor road or highway design led to our clients' injuries, we work hard to put the pieces of the puzzle together for our clients' benefit.

  • We know what a case is worth.
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  • All cases are handled from start to finish by an experienced trial lawyer, not a paralegal.

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