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Handling Car/Motorcycle Collisions in the Austin Area

Due to the exposed nature of a rider who is on a motorcycle, a motorcycle/car collision often results in serious injuries to the motorcyclist. These can include brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, road rash, amputations, broken bones and other injuries that are devastating and life-changing.

At the law firm of Lorenz & Lorenz, L.L.P., in Austin, Texas, we have years of experience handling a wide range of personal injury cases, including motorcycle/car collisions. Our lawyers understand the emotions that accompany these types of cases, working closely with clients to see that their needs, present and future, are addressed by the compensation we are seeking from the negligent parties.

Attorney Ted Lorenz has handled thousands of motorcycle accident and other personal injury cases for clients throughout Texas. Contact us online or call today at 877-LORENZ2 (877-567-3692) for a free consultation.

Helmets Save Lives

It has been repeatedly shown that wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle can drastically increase your chances of surviving a serious accident. However, the fact that you may have not been wearing a helmet does not absolve the negligent party of responsibility. The careless driver who caused the collision is ultimately responsible, regardless of the type of injuries that were suffered.

Dealing With Insurance Companies

Many insurance companies take a position against injured motorcyclists, claiming that the motorcyclist was riding at his or her own risk. This means that the insurance company believes that by purely riding a motorcycle, a rider is responsible for any injuries that he or she may suffer, even if another driver is the negligent party.

Our firm does not tolerate this stance from insurance companies. Motorcyclists are entitled to the same safety and respect as other drivers on the road, regardless of the type of vehicle they have chosen. We do not back down from insurance companies; we fight for the compensation you deserve for the injuries you suffered in a motorcycle/car collision.

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