We Know The Value Of Your Injury Claim

The insurance company will gladly settle your claim ... for less than you need and deserve. To get full and fair compensation for an accident, you need a lawyer who understands what your claim is worth and how to get the insurers to step up.

The accident attorneys of Lorenz & Lorenz, L.L.P., have handled thousands of car and truck accidents in central Texas. It's all we do. We are familiar with every type of injury and the long-term value of those claims.

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Permanent Injury? We Welcome ALL Cases.

Lorenz & Lorenz takes the cases that other personal injury or general practice law firms might turn down. We understand that what an outsider might label a "minor" injury can still be debilitating and have life-changing consequences. We routinely handle:

The Value Of A Serious Injury

Insurance companies like fixed numbers — a broken hand is worth X dollars. But is it your right hand or your left? Do you make a living with your hands? Is there permanent loss of function? Will you need surgery down the road? We dig deeper to assess the impact on your life and your needs from a personal injury settlement.

Ted Lorenz and his team want to make sure you are properly diagnosed to learn the true extent of injury and prevent further damage. We want you to get a dependable prognosis for recovery, so you know what to expect and so we can calculate and defend damages for:

  • Reasonable and necessary medical care
  • Future medical needs
  • Lost wages or lost earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Permanent disability or lost enjoyment

We can refer clients to good physicians and rehab specialists, including providers who defer payment if you do not have medical insurance.

Free Case Evaluation

Don't rely on the mercy of the insurance companies. From offices in Austin, Waco and San Antonio, we are available day or night at 877-LORENZ2 (877-567-3692) and will provide experienced and aggressive advocacy. We have Spanish-speaking lawyers and staff.