Austin Back Injury Attorneys

Lasting Injuries to Your Neck or Back

The complex, criss-crossing structures of the back and neck can absorb a lot of punishment. But the jarring forces of an auto accident are sometimes too much. Damage to any of those interconnected structures throws everything out of whack.

The Austin accident attorneys of Lorenz & Lorenz, L.L.P. have handled hundreds of back injury and neck injury cases. We know how painful and disabling they can be. We know that a "minor" back injury often gets worse before it gets better. We know how to prove these claims and present them to skeptical insurance companies.

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Back Injury and Neck Injury Claims

Our experienced lawyers know what your case is worth, from permanent injuries to soft tissue injuries:

  • Fractured vertebrae
  • Herniated disk (ruptured disk)
  • Lower back sprains and strains
  • Pinched nerves or chronic pain
  • Whiplash (cervical strain/sprain)
  • Spinal cord injury/paralysis

Making Your Claim Stick

Insurance companies commonly contest back injury claims, arguing that (a) the injury is not accident-related or (b) that the treatment or surgical remedy is not "reasonable and necessary." In particular, insurers are pushing back on injury claims when there is little property damage to the vehicles — if your car's not hurt, you must not be hurt.

Some back and neck injuries are not visible to the eye, and some injuries are not always identified by X-rays or MRIs. We help clients get other scans and tests, and work with medical professionals to document the level of pain, lost range of motion and debilitating limitations of the injury. We are adept at proving the negligence that caused a crash and soliciting testimony of doctors that the injuries are consistent with the accident.

Contact our Austin office to arrange a free consultation. We pursue damages for medical care, lost wages, and pain and suffering, and there are no fees unless we are successful.