Were You Contacted by the Other Driver?

The single most important piece of legal advice that any experienced car accident attorney can give is simply this: rely on your personal injury lawyer to speak on your behalf. Many people will have things to say after you have been injured in a car or truck accident. Naturally, you will be frankly discussing your medical condition with friends and family and with health care providers. When it comes to legal or financial matters, you are best served by letting a knowledgeable attorney represent you.

You may have already been contacted by one or more of the following before arriving at this website:

  • Police investigators
  • Insurance company representatives
  • The other driver or family members of that driver

The other driver may want to commiserate about your respective injuries or property damage. He or she may also want to try to prevent you from making a claim against his or her insurance. This person may offer to give you a flat sum of money if you agree not to file a claim for compensation. The fear of rising insurance premium rates and a desire to limit financial responsibility are obvious reasons for calls or visits from the other driver or his or her family. Do's and don'ts for you in this situation are pretty straightforward:

  • Do express concern and caring if that person was also injured.
  • Do not elaborate on your own injuries . Tell the other driver that it is too soon after the accident for you to talk about them.
  • Do not attempt to reconstruct the accident in your conversation or come up with your own determination of whose fault it was. It is too easy to say something that might hurt your case.
  • Do not attempt to make financial deals without talking to an attorney. Remember, consultations are free at Lorenz & Lorenz, LLP, in Austin. We can come to your home or hospital if necessary.
  • Do not prolong the conversation beyond expression of human concern.

Your best bet after a car crash is, in fact, to let your lawyer speak for you as much as possible when dealing with the other driver, his or her insurer, your insurer or police investigators. Contact Lorenz & Lorenz, LLP, to learn how we can represent you on a contingency basis.

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