Take These Steps ... And Contact An Attorney

There are proactive things YOU can do to protect your rights and maximize your recovery of damages for a car accident.

The central Texas accident attorneys of Lorenz & Lorenz, L.L.P., are available 24/7 to assist accident victims. It's all we do. But even before we get involved, here's what to do after a car accident to help your case:

At The Accident Scene ...

  • Call 911 — Don't assume that someone else has called for an ambulance. Police will manage traffic and gather evidence important to your claim, including names of witnesses.
  • Exchange info — Get the other driver's name, contact information and insurance information. Note the license number, make and model of the other vehicle.

As Soon As Possible ...

  • Contact a lawyer who knows car accidents — Lorenz & Lorenz has an in-house investigator who can get to the scene quickly. Even the next day, there may be useful evidence. Our attorneys will explain the claims process to you and advise you on what to say when you report the accident to your insurance agent or police.
  • Have someone take photos — Ideally, someone will snap a photo before the vehicles are moved. But any time after the crash, get pictures of both vehicles (if possible). Take close-ups of the damage to your car. Take pictures of the scene, including skid marks or debris. Photograph cuts and bruises.
  • Have someone take notes — While the memories are fresh, describe what happened, the position of the vehicles after the crash, what you were doing, what you think the other driver did wrong.
  • Get medical treatment — Your injuries may seem minor, but they may be worse than you thought. Tell the doctor of any aches and pains. Follow up with the prescribed treatment and document how you feel each day.
  • Document lost wages — Keep track of missed work, including sick days, personal leave and vacation days you used because of the accident.

There are many things you can do to hurt your claim. (See Do's And Don'ts For Accident Victims). In general, tell your lawyer everything, tell your doctor what hurts, and tell the insurance companies as little as possible.

We welcome soft tissue injuries and all cases, not just traditionally "major" ones. Contact us at 877-LORENZ2 (877-567-3692) for a free case evaluation, prompt investigation and answers to your questions. Lorenz & Lorenz serves all of central Texas from offices in Austin, Waco and San Antonio.