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Houston man victim of tragic fatal bicycle accident

Many Texas residents enjoy hopping on a bicycle from time to time, and some people use these nonmotorized vehicles as their main form of transportation. However, in some urban areas, it seems bicyclists have had to contend with more potential dangers than ever before when sharing the roadways with larger, motorized vehicles, such as cars and trucks. Some drivers have difficulty navigating around cyclists, and unfortunately, a bicycle accident can occur at these times. On Houston roadways alone, according to statistics, 235 cyclists were killed in accidents with local drivers in the last 16 years.

Suspected drunk driver involved in hit-and-run bicycle accident

While bicycles have been around for a long time, it seems that in recent years, more and more people are turning to bicycles as a mode of transportation or simply as a leisure activity. In addition to being more cost-effective than a motorized vehicle, cycling is both environmentally friendly and a great form of exercise. Unfortunately, sometimes cyclists and drivers find difficulty in sharing the road, and accidents can happen, and often, they do not end well for the cyclist. Such was the case when a hit-and-run bicycle accident on a Texas road resulted in a death.

Unsafe road conditions may cause a bicycle accident

Many Texas residents enjoy traveling by bicycle rather than car, at least some of the time, and the reasons for doing so vary. It can be a good form of exercise, save money, reduce one's carbon footprint and allow the cyclist a better view of the surrounding areas. Unfortunately, even when a cyclist follows all the rules of the road, a bicycle accident can happen.

Driver surrenders following fatal bicycle accident in Texas

There are a variety of different way to utilize Texas roadways. Many drivers are likely more used to encountering more traditional motor vehicles such as trucks or cars, but all drivers must remain on the lookout for other users, such as bicyclists. Unfortunately, a recent incident in Texas underscores the potential harm that a bicycle accident can cause.

Bicycle accident claims life; excessive speed blamed

Many Texas residents ride their bikes as a form of exercise. It is a great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle and get some fresh air. While there are some areas that are denoted for bicycles only, the majority of bicycle riders share the road with cars, trucks and other types of motorized vehicles. Each driver is expected to honor the rules of the road and watch out for other drivers; otherwise, a tragic bicycle accident can occur.

Man charged following a fatal bicycle accident

Riding a bicycle is a hobby enjoyed by people of all ages. Texas cyclists use bicycles as a form of transportation as well as a way to increase physical activity. Riding a bicycle on a road that is shared with motor vehicles can be incredibly dangerous and potentially fatal, especially if a bicycle accident occurs. Some situations can be out of the control of the cyclist, though, when he or she has to rely on drivers to be responsible and aware at all times.

Fatal bicycle accident leaves Texas community in mourning

Kids ride their bicycles every day in their neighborhoods, the parks and in the streets. The possibility of an accident is always looming, but never expected. When a child is hurt or killed as a result of a bicycle accident, it is difficult for communities to process the tragedy and move forward. This is exactly what a small town in Texas is currently dealing with.

Bicycle accident prevention

It's not uncommon for residents of larger cities, such as Austin, to use bicycles as a form of transportation. Bicycling can be used for daily commutes, exercise or for pleasure. Whatever the case may be, bicyclists should be aware of all associated dangers as well as ways to prevent a future bicycle accident.

Texas police looking for driver after fatal bicycle accident

In 2015, approximately 50 people were killed in Texas while riding their bicycles. The numbers have not seemed to drop over the past two years as two large cities report an average of six bicycle accident fatalities every year. Police are investigating the most recent death that occurred on a late Saturday morning.

Bicycle accident deaths down for some but up for others

Learning to ride a bicycle is one of the fondest memories from childhood for millions of people. However, along with that accomplishment comes the danger of getting seriously injured in a bicycle accident. Every year, these types of accidents affect the lives of dozens of Texas residents.

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