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Tragic car accident claims lives of 2 teenage sisters

A variety of scenarios can lead to a car crash. Drivers can become distracted for any one of a number of reasons, drivers can make a grave error in judgment, and some drivers still get behind the wheel while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. However, some of the most horrific crashes happen when a vehicle traveling in the wrong lane hits another vehicle. In a recent example in Texas, two teenage sisters were killed and several other people were injured in a horrific car accident.

Woman charged in fatal hit-and-run car accident

When a driver is behind the wheel, he or she has an enormous responsibility to not only avoid driving while impaired, but also to obey all road signs. If an accident does happen, the people involved are expected to remain at the scene. While most Texas drivers already know and follow all of these rules, in a recent car accident, one woman did not follow any of them.

Tragic wrong-way car accident claims lives of both drivers

According to authorities, wrong-way collisions in Texas and elsewhere happen most often between midnight and 3 a.m., and although this type of crash comprises only about 3% of traffic accidents, they are typically the most deadly. When two vehicles collide head-on, the drivers and passengers involved do not often survive the tremendous impact. Unfortunately, in a wrong-way car accident on the President George Bush Turnpike, both drivers lost their lives after one of the drivers reportedly traveled 11 miles in the wrong direction.

Car accident claims life of man involved in earlier accident

Most Texas drivers, no matter how attentive they are while behind the wheel, can remember a time when they failed to see an obstacle on or at the side of the roadway. In most cases, a driver is able to avert disaster by making necessary adjustments before making contact with the object. Unfortunately, in some cases, particularly if the driver is distracted or under the influence of drugs or alcohol, he or she will not see an obstacle in time, and sometimes, tragedy results. Such was the case in a recent car accident on a Texas roadway.

Tragic Texas car accident results in death of mother and son

Any Texas resident who has operated a motor vehicle, or even those who have not, understands the need to behave responsibly both prior to and during the drive. They understand that not doing so can lead to serious consequences, and perhaps even a fatality. Although a car accident can happen for many different reasons, sometimes drivers forget the seriousness of their responsibility, and tragedy results simply due to reckless driver behaviour. This seems to be what happened when an SUV and a pickup truck collided, killing a mother and her child.

Texas hit-and-run accidents:Man suffers serious head injury

Many Texas residents would find it difficult to believe an individual could cause an accident that hurt another individual and simply walk away from it. For most people, likely their sense of compassion would trigger them to seek medical aid for the injured person. However, sadly, hit-and-run accidents happen because some people in this type of situation will instead automatically act out of a sense of self-preservation and flee the scene, leaving an injured person to suffer. This seems to be what happened recently in a hit-and-run incident in Garland.

Car accident during police pursuit claims 1 life

Most Texas drivers realize that if they commit a traffic offense and are being pursued by police, they are wise to stop and accept whatever consequence comes their way. Those who fail to do so tend to simply create more problems for themselves. Such was the case recently in west Houston when one person died in a car accident that happened during a police pursuit.

2 Texas teenage girls die in tragic car accident

Many Texas families enjoy spending time together, and often, family activities involve travelling a considerable distance. However, although family time for most is a joyful event and an opportunity to strengthen relationships, sometimes a car accident can happen. Sadly, such was the case in a fatal accident in which two teenage sisters died and other members of their family were injured.

Woman suffered years of surgeries after car accident

In 1999, a 20-year-old woman was leaving a party with friends when her life changed forever. She and the other occupants of the vehicle in which she was riding were involved in a horrific car accident in Austin. The other occupants did not survive the crash, and the woman suffered severe burns to most of her body.

Hit-and-run accidents often involve fatalities

Unfortunately, anyone's life can change or end in a split second, and sometimes all it takes is one person who uses poor judgment or is simply momentarily distracted to cause a tragedy. When such an event happens, the person seemingly responsible may initially panic and remove him or herself quickly from the situation, and this is how hit-and-run accidents happen. This seems to be the case in a recent accident in which three young men were killed on a Texas highway while they were on the roadside trying to change a flat tire.

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