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Recent Texas graduate and her mother killed in fatal accident

While most drivers understand the importance of maintaining focus on the task at hand while they are behind the wheel, they are also aware of the many potential distractions drivers may encounter. In some cases, a driver whose attention veers from the road for even a second or two can cause a fatal accident, changing the lives of several people at once. This may have been what happened recently when two members of a Texas family were killed and another one was seriously injured on their way home from a family celebration.

Woman inspecting vehicle becomes victim of fatal accident

Texas drivers who have traveled on highways or any roadway involving high speed likely understand the importance of taking particular safety measures in the event they must pull over to the side and exit the vehicle for any reason. However, sometimes no amount of attention to safety can prevent a tragedy from happening. Vehicles can veer off the road for many reasons, and occasionally, a person in the path of such a vehicle becomes the victim of a fatal accident. Such was the case when a woman was killed when she stepped outside her vehicle on a roadway in Lubbock.

Fatal accident at stoplight leaves 2 people dead

Likely, most Texas drivers, at one time or another, have found themselves having to slam on the brakes just in time to prevent a collision with a vehicle in front of them. Some people become distracted by activity in their own vehicle or something happening outside, and some drivers find themselves daydreaming. However, sometimes a speeding driver simply does not have enough time to stop when necessary and causes a fatal accident.

Unsafe lane change on Houston bridge results in fatal accident

Probably all Texas drivers can recount many times in which they've had to pass a vehicle in front of them, whether the other vehicle was moving too slowly for the passing driver or for other reasons. Sometimes, such a strategy requires a driver to pull back into the same lane, this time in front of the passed vehicle. Although most drivers make this move in a safe manner, some do not, and an unsafe move can result in a fatal accident.

Fatal accident results when driver hits disabled car

Many Texas drivers have experienced car trouble at one time or another during a road trip. While people in these situations usually find a safe spot to stop and seek help, sometimes these situations happen on a busy stretch of roadway. Drivers in such a predicament have to pull their vehicle off the road and risk putting themselves in a potentially dangerous position. Unfortunately, a recent example ended with a fatal accident when three people lost their lives after they parked their disabled vehicle under a bridge on a highway.

9-year-old girl victim in fatal accident involving drag racing

Likely, most Texas drivers follow rules that help keep them and others around them safe. They wear their seat belts, obey the traffic rules, avoid driving while impaired and maintain a safe speed. However, for some reason unknown to most people, some drivers enjoy drag racing. This practice can and often does put not only the drivers involved, but also nearby pedestrians and other drivers in a dangerous position. In fact, recently, a 9-year-old girl was killed and two other people were seriously injured in a fatal accident involving drag racing.

Texas woman charged with manslaughter re fatal accident

Many Texas residents enjoy getting out on a bicycle from time to time, and some even use this type of vehicle as their main mode of transportation. Most cyclists likely find this activity provides them a relatively inexpensive, healthy alternative to driving a car. However, bicycles on roadways can be vulnerable to larger, motorized vehicles, and if both cyclist and driver are not fully focused, a fatal accident could result. Following a fatal crash that took place almost one year ago, a woman was recently indicted by a grand jury and now faces a manslaughter charge.

Woman killed, 5 other people injured in fatal accident

Everyone knows that their life, or that of a loved one, can change in an instant. For example, while people are behind the wheel of a car, they are responsible for ensuring the safety of not only themselves, but also that of everyone around them. One person's mistake can end in tragedy, not just for the driver, but sometimes for several people.  Unfortunately, it seems this is what happened when a young Texas mother lost her life in a recent fatal accident.

Fatal accident claims lives of 3 siblings and family friend

These days, most people carry a cellphone at all times. While many people understand the responsibility that comes with such a device, some still do not and sometimes use their phone in an unsafe manner, such as when they are driving. Recently, a Texas woman lost three of her children, as well as a family friend, in a fatal accident that may have been caused by cellphone distraction.

Fiery fatal accident claims both drivers' lives

Most drivers realize that with the privilege of holding a driver's licence comes great responsibility to take necessary safety measures while driving. Unfortunately, due to a multitude of variables any driver may encounter on the road, no amount of careful thought can prevent a fatal accident from happening sometimes. This may have been what happened when two people died in a fiery crash on a Texas road.

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