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Your Pflugerville, TX, Personal Injury Lawyers

Were you recently injured in an accident in Pflugerville, Texas? If so, you may have a right to recover monetary damages for the trauma and suffering you have experienced. The Pflugerville, TX personal injury lawyers at Lorenz & Lorenz, LLP are here to help you hold the negligent parties accountable. 

Hiring a Texas personal injury lawyer can make all the difference. Call our Pflugerville, TX law office for a free consultation to discuss your legal rights. 

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Why Choose Lorenz & Lorenz, LLP, After an Accident in Pflugerville, TX

We Only Do Personal Injury Law

At Lorenz & Lorenz, LLP, we handle nothing but personal injury cases. Personal injury law is complicated and holding others accountable for their negligence can often be difficult to prove. We are focused solely on that area of law and no other. That means we have decades of experience and a deep and thorough understanding of cases just like yours. Our Pflugerville personal injury attorneys understand the physical and emotional toll of personal injuries. We are here to help you handle the complex nuances of your case, so you can focus on getting better.

You Are Always a Priority

We pride ourselves in treating all of our clients as if they are our only client. After what you have been through, you deserve our full attention. We make sure you never feel overlooked or neglected. We make ourselves available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can contact us at any time and we will be here for you. We put you first because at Lorenz & Lorenz, LLP, you are more than just a case—you are family.

We Have the Resources to Build a Strong Case

As an established and successful firm, Lorenz & Lorenz, LLP has the necessary resources to hire the best to help build your case. We have access to top-notch expert witnesses who are respected in their fields and whose testimony will bring credibility to your claim. 

We also have a dedicated investigator on staff who will track down every detail of your accident, gather medical and other documentation, obtain and examine any security footage, and find and talk to any eyewitnesses who were at the scene of your accident. We leave no stone unturned in collecting all evidence available to help strengthen your case and ensure we have done everything we can possibly do to win for you.

You Don’t Just Get an Attorney, You Get a Team

When you hire Lorenz & Lorenz, LLP, you get the benefit of our whole staff. We work together to get you the results you deserve. Our highly capable staff members take part in gathering documentation and assisting you with whatever you need, including suggestions for doctors to treat your injury if you do not know where to go. Unlike some firms, however, we always ensure your case is examined and negotiated by one of the qualified attorneys on our team. Choosing us means having the full force of our firm in your corner.

Practice Areas in Pflugerville, TX

At Lorenz & Lorenz, LLP, we regularly represent clients who have been injured as a result of:

Don’t hesitate to contact our experienced and compassionate legal team for immediate assistance if you or a loved one have been injured. We’re here to help whenever you need us.

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Statute of Limitations for Personal Injury Claims in Pflugerville, TX

If you have been injured, you have no time to lose in getting the ball rolling on your case. The statute of limitations, which requires that you file your case within a certain period of time, can bar recovery if you delay and miss the deadline. In Texas, the statute of limitations requires that you file your case within two years from the date of your injury. 

While this may seem like you have time, it takes a lot of work to gather all the documentation, identify and locate witnesses who have information, and calculate the full extent of your financial losses. The sooner we get started, the greater your chances of winning and being compensated.

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Why It’s Important to

Hire a Lawyer After an Accident in Pflugerville, TX

You Need a Professional

The legal system can be very complex and difficult to navigate. You need a highly-skilled professional by your side. Hiring a personal injury attorney in Pflugerville, Texas can often make all the difference in whether you achieve the best outcome possible. Since all we take on are personal injury cases, we understand all the ins and outs of personal injury law. We can put all that knowledge and experience towards helping you win your case.


Insurance companies and opposing counsel can be tough challengers. They will do everything they can to confuse you and spin the facts to their advantage. Do not allow yourself to fall victim to their tactics. Our qualified and accomplished personal injury attorneys know how to deal with these parties. We will not allow you to be scammed and manipulated into settling for anything less than you fully deserve. Our attorneys are tough negotiators and we will get you the best deal possible.

Gathering evidence

Sometimes finding evidence to help your case can be tricky. A personal injury lawyer who knows where to look and who can get the evidence you need to make your case is a game-changer. Whether the evidence relates to eyewitness accounts, medical documentation, or police reports, having an attorney who can talk to those who possess the material is critical. A personal injury lawyer also knows how to seek out and obtain any security footage from the area, as well as any camera or video footage taken by those at the scene.

Damages Available to Pflugerville Personal Injury Victims

In personal injury cases, damages are typically split into economic damages and non-economic damages. 

Economic damages are for quantifiable financial losses you incurred due to your injury. Non-economic damages are for losses that are difficult to express in exact dollars and relate to personal and intimate impact. That means you could be receiving compensation for things like: 

Medical Bills
Lost Wages
Reduced Earning Capacity
Loss of Enjoyment of Life
Pain and Suffering
Emotional Distress, and more.

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We’re here to help you get the money you need as you get back on your feet.

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Pflugerville, TX Practice Areas

Car accidents are one of the most common personal injury cases. It’s no wonder, given how much we rely on our cars every day. This makes it especially important that all drivers act responsibly on the road. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and auto accidents do happen. If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, our car accident attorneys are here to help. You deserve to be compensated, and we will fight to hold the negligent parties accountable. 


Travis County ranks second across the entire state for bicycle crashes. Most happen on city streets, often at intersections. Even wearing a helmet may not be enough to protect bikers from a catastrophic injury, paralysis, and even death following a bicycle crash. Motorists do not always follow traffic rules nor share the road safely with bikers. If a motorist was negligent and hit you while you were biking, call our Pflugerville bicycle accident lawyers at Lorenz & Lorenz, LLP to discuss your case.


Going out for a walk or crossing the street should not result in an accident and injury. Unfortunately, negligent drivers who may be distracted by their phone, radio, or passengers, can swerve and hit pedestrians or fail to stop at an intersection when a pedestrian has the right of way. If you were injured by a motorist or bicyclist while walking in Pflugerville, our law firm can help you hold the negligent parties accountable. 


Taking an Uber has become an easy way to get around Pflugerville and the greater Austin area. However, Uber rides do not always go smoothly. If you were injured in an accident involving an Uber, getting compensation might be a little more complicated. Since Uber is a large corporation, its team of lawyers will fight tooth-and-nail to minimize your compensation. The attorneys at Lorenz & Lorenz, LLP have been going up against Uber and its team of attorneys for years. Let us fight on your behalf.


Of over 250 million vehicles on highways, only four percent are large trucks. However, they are involved in 1 in 10 deaths on American highways. In most cases, the error leading to the accident is on the part of the truck driver. They are often tired, on the road for long hours, and lose focus while driving. If you were injured in a truck accident, you may have a claim against the driver as well as the trucking company. Our trucking accident lawyers know how to take action against any liable parties and fight to get you what you’re owed.


When motorcycle riders in Pflugerville are involved in a collision with motorists, it is the rider who is most often injured. This is true even where the rider is not at fault. In fact, most accidents are caused by the motorist. The person who was negligent and caused the accident should be the one who has to pay. Our firm will make sure the responsible party is held accountable.


They are supposed to be a human’s best friend, but sometimes dogs turn on us and get vicious. If you were injured by a dog bite, you may be able to recover from the dog’s owner or anyone whose negligence caused your injury. Give us a call and we can work with you to determine if the dog owner or any third parties can be held liable. 

Slip and Fall

Slip and fall accidents are incredibly dangerous and can cause severe injury. It is not unusual for these accidents to result in brain damage, concussions, hip surgery, and other traumatic injuries. Property owners in Pflugerville have a responsibility to keep their premises safe for customers and visitors. When they do not, the owners might be liable for injuries that result.


When you go to work to do your job, you have a right to expect that employers are doing everything they can to keep you safe in the work environment. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Accidents in the workplace are far too common. Our lawyers in Pflugerville can help you navigate the complex workers’ compensation system and potentially seek damages from negligent third parties.


When an injury due to an accident results in death, it is the worst-case scenario in. This is especially true when the accident could have been prevented if someone had been more careful or upheld their responsibility. When negligent actions cause another’s death in Pflugerville, the person responsible should have to compensate the victim’s family. Our wrongful death lawyers can help you fight for that to happen.

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Have you or a loved one been injured in an accident in Pflugerville, TX? The experienced personal injury lawyers at Lorenz & Lorenz, LLP can help you fight to recover compensation from those responsible. Our legal team has more than 19 years of experience representing injury victims just like you – and getting life-changing financial awards on their behalf. Give our law office in Austin, TX a call to arrange a time to discuss your case in detail. Your first case evaluation is 100 percent free.