Texas Lawyers For Fatal Car Accidents

A family member's sudden passing is always hard to cope with, especially a preventable death. Nothing can make up for the heartache and the tangible loss of not having that person around.

A wrongful death claim is not meant to put a price on your loved one's life. It is meant to hold the negligent party accountable for a life cut short and to provide financial relief for survivors.

At Lorenz & Lorenz, L.L.P., we understand that you are grieving and reeling and are not fully focused on lawsuits and justice. But you may have questions and time is of the essence in a wrongful death case. After a consultation to address your concerns, our capable and compassionate lawyers will move forward. From three offices in Austin, Waco and San Antonio, we serve all the communities of central Texas.

About Wrongful Death

Our fatal accident attorneys have represented survivors in fatal car wreck and truck crash lawsuits in the Austin area and surrounding central Texas. We have the experience and resources to identify the liable parties and demonstrate their negligence.

A wrongful death action is filed on behalf of the deceased's estate. Only a spouse, children or parents have standing to bring a claim.

Damages can include:

  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Medical expenses (if the person did not die at the scene)
  • The person's projected earnings
  • Loss of consortium, companionship, counsel, and parenting and household contributions
  • Pain and suffering of the deceased prior to succumbing

Our role is to prove liability and build a case for appropriate economic and noneconomic damages. We can front the costs of any necessary experts and do not recover those expenses or fees unless we are successful in securing compensation.

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