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Jorge was great! He answered all of my questions and was well versed👍 A Client of Lorenz & Lorenz, L.L.P, Jan 04, 2022
Very helpful professional man knows his work awesome hope all goes well take care Thanks A Client of Lorenz & Lorenz, L.L.P, Dec 31, 2021
I am giving this 5-star rating solely for him the attorney that helped me his name is Mark , I went through two or three attorneys and they seem to be too green for the job . I finally requested one with knowledge and experience . The case took about nine months which is more than I intended be patient and help them out and request help because the ball might not move as fast as you want to. Mark thank you so much A Client of Lorenz & Lorenz, L.L.P, Dec 31, 2021
Jorge was very professional on the phone and answered on my questions. He also showed concern for my welfare. Thank you! A Client of Lorenz & Lorenz, L.L.P, Dec 28, 2021
Jorge and Johnny were so great in helpful A Client of Lorenz & Lorenz, L.L.P, Dec 21, 2021
Jorge answered all of my questiins and met me in my house. I was rear ended by a car traveling 50mph and Lorenz understands what that means. Thank you! A Client of Lorenz & Lorenz, L.L.P, Dec 20, 2021
Brianna gave great costumer service !!!! A Client of Lorenz & Lorenz, L.L.P, Dec 18, 2021
My attorney Me Ramirez was very responsive, attentive and accurate. Very professional and down to earth at the same time. On point with everything. I will definitely refer Lorenz and Lorenz to other people. If I even get into a fender bender I'm calling them. Lorenz and Lorenz? On Top of it! A Client of Lorenz & Lorenz, L.L.P, Dec 17, 2021
I mostly worked with John D. Plumlee, and he is the Attorney at Law that completed my case successfully. I highly recommend him! Ask for him! From start to finish Lorenz & Lorenz was there for me. The medical care is extremely important, just let them do their job and get that MRI. It does not come out of your pocket if you let them take care of everything, the cost ends up about what you would expect it to be. I knew I was hurt but I did not expect what they found and I am so glad I chose for Lorenz & Lorenz to take care of me. In my case, I was struck from behind and my car spun around across 3 lanes and hit a wall, and I almost hit a person on the sidewalk. The accident happened just 20 days after losing my dog to bone cancer and I was literally on my way to get ice cream because I was sad. So I had PTSD from the ordeal and they signed me up with a specialist for that too! It really helped! Everyone at Lorenz & Lorenz that I worked with over the 1.5 years this lawsuit took were great. But I had a notable experience with Mr. Plumlee because I actually received copies at the various notices he sent out to the difficult insurance company and I was impressed. It seemed like he really had his eyes on the prize. He didn't settle for anything less than what I believed to be fair. Of course there is a fee for all the work that they do, but it is a good value. I can name dozens of examples of people dealing with the insurance companies themselves and they do not receive settlements valued at nearly as much, you're definitely better off getting the legal protection. Oh, the guy's insurance actually served me after the settlement was done. Couldn't believe it. I was even more glad I had Lorenz and Lorenz then. I simply wrote Mr. Plumlee and he got a signed document stating that I am not a part of any further litigations pertaining to this accident. I am sure it would have cost me to have a lawyer look at the notice I was served, if I didn't have this case with a lawyer already. Anyways, I am very satisfied and I highly recommend Mr. Plumlee. Thank you guys for everything! A Client of Lorenz & Lorenz, L.L.P, Dec 15, 2021
Jorge was so nice and helpful through the hole process i will highly recommend this law firm very satisfied A Client of Lorenz & Lorenz, L.L.P, Dec 15, 2021
Tuve una buena atención y rápida A Client of Lorenz & Lorenz, L.L.P, Dec 13, 2021
jorge collected all the information from my accident A Client of Lorenz & Lorenz, L.L.P, Dec 04, 2021
Everyone was nice and helpful. Brianna was quick to get me the help I needed. Overall it was a fast and easy experience. A Client of Lorenz & Lorenz, L.L.P, Dec 03, 2021