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Tragic Texas car accident results in death of mother and son

Any Texas resident who has operated a motor vehicle, or even those who have not, understands the need to behave responsibly both prior to and during the drive. They understand that not doing so can lead to serious consequences, and perhaps even a fatality. Although a car accident can happen for many different reasons, sometimes drivers forget the seriousness of their responsibility, and tragedy results simply due to reckless driver behaviour. This seems to be what happened when an SUV and a pickup truck collided, killing a mother and her child.

The crash occurred late on a recent Wednesday evening. The SUV was making a left-hand turn when it was struck by a pickup truck entering the intersection. According to police, the pickup truck was speeding at the time. The impact sent the SUV crashing into a steel light pole.

19-year-old Texas man dies in motorcycle accident

Motorcycle riders are often part of a larger, tight-knit community of like-minded people who may ride together, exchange motorcycle knowledge and generally share their passion for biking. Unfortunately, because of their smaller size relative to other motorized vehicles and the fact the driver is not surrounded by metal, motorcycles perhaps tend to be involved in more collisions than other types of vehicles. Recently, a Texas man was killed in a motorcycle accident, and now his family and friends are wondering if a change in road signs at the intersection at which the crash occurred may have made a difference.

The 19-year-old man was traveling northbound on a road near downtown Fort Worth when, according to a witness, a southbound car made a left turn right in front of him. The other rider that was traveling with him saw the car in time to avoid a collision, but apparently, the 19-year-old did not see it in time. He collided head-on with the vehicle and was thrown off the bike. He died from blunt force trauma before help arrived.

9-year-old girl victim in fatal accident involving drag racing

Likely, most Texas drivers follow rules that help keep them and others around them safe. They wear their seat belts, obey the traffic rules, avoid driving while impaired and maintain a safe speed. However, for some reason unknown to most people, some drivers enjoy drag racing. This practice can and often does put not only the drivers involved, but also nearby pedestrians and other drivers in a dangerous position. In fact, recently, a 9-year-old girl was killed and two other people were seriously injured in a fatal accident involving drag racing.

The crash happened in Dallas on a Friday evening. According to police, three vehicles were racing when one of them collided with the car in which the children were passengers. The vehicle that was hit carried four people, including two children in the back seat.

Texas woman charged with manslaughter re fatal accident

Many Texas residents enjoy getting out on a bicycle from time to time, and some even use this type of vehicle as their main mode of transportation. Most cyclists likely find this activity provides them a relatively inexpensive, healthy alternative to driving a car. However, bicycles on roadways can be vulnerable to larger, motorized vehicles, and if both cyclist and driver are not fully focused, a fatal accident could result. Following a fatal crash that took place almost one year ago, a woman was recently indicted by a grand jury and now faces a manslaughter charge.

The incident happened very early one morning last summer when the 24-year-old woman driving a car struck and killed a man riding a bicycle. Reportedly, when police arrived at the scene, the woman explained she had been returning home from a bar where she said she had one drink. She claimed the cyclist appeared out of nowhere. Investigators believe the driver struck the 18-year-old cyclist from behind. The woman was given a sobriety test, leading police to believe she was driving while intoxicated, and she was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of driving while intoxicated.

Texas hit-and-run accidents:Man suffers serious head injury

Many Texas residents would find it difficult to believe an individual could cause an accident that hurt another individual and simply walk away from it. For most people, likely their sense of compassion would trigger them to seek medical aid for the injured person. However, sadly, hit-and-run accidents happen because some people in this type of situation will instead automatically act out of a sense of self-preservation and flee the scene, leaving an injured person to suffer. This seems to be what happened recently in a hit-and-run incident in Garland.

Police have arrested a 35-year-old man who they believe hit a 29-year-old man with his minivan. Police have said according to surveillance video, the victim was standing outside a vehicle, apparently trying to tie down the vehicle to a trailer, when the accused man's vehicle hit him. The video shows the accused man getting out of his vehicle to look at the victim and then returning to his vehicle and fleeing the scene.

Car accident during police pursuit claims 1 life

Most Texas drivers realize that if they commit a traffic offense and are being pursued by police, they are wise to stop and accept whatever consequence comes their way. Those who fail to do so tend to simply create more problems for themselves. Such was the case recently in west Houston when one person died in a car accident that happened during a police pursuit.

Early on a recent Sunday evening, a deputy noticed a black car run a red light and pursued the vehicle in an attempt to stop it. The driver did not stop, ran another red light and collided with a white vehicle. Reportedly, authorities found a drug stash and two guns during a search of the suspect's vehicle.

2 Texas teenage girls die in tragic car accident

Many Texas families enjoy spending time together, and often, family activities involve travelling a considerable distance. However, although family time for most is a joyful event and an opportunity to strengthen relationships, sometimes a car accident can happen. Sadly, such was the case in a fatal accident in which two teenage sisters died and other members of their family were injured.

The crash happened on a recent Saturday night. The two sisters were traveling in a vehicle along with their younger sister, their father and his girlfriend. A 61-year-old man collided with the family's sedan on an interstate frontage road. Reportedly, he tried to flee the accident scene, but police caught him.

Woman suffered years of surgeries after car accident

In 1999, a 20-year-old woman was leaving a party with friends when her life changed forever. She and the other occupants of the vehicle in which she was riding were involved in a horrific car accident in Austin. The other occupants did not survive the crash, and the woman suffered severe burns to most of her body.

The Texas crash was the result of an 18-year-old male driver who decided to operate the vehicle intoxicated. Reportedly, he lost control of his vehicle and crossed into the path of the woman's vehicle. The vehicles crashed head-on. The vehicle containing the young woman caught fire resulting in severe injuries to the majority of her body.

Woman killed, 5 other people injured in fatal accident

Everyone knows that their life, or that of a loved one, can change in an instant. For example, while people are behind the wheel of a car, they are responsible for ensuring the safety of not only themselves, but also that of everyone around them. One person's mistake can end in tragedy, not just for the driver, but sometimes for several people.  Unfortunately, it seems this is what happened when a young Texas mother lost her life in a recent fatal accident.

The accident occurred very early on a Saturday morning when a vehicle was traveling north in the southbound lanes on the Dallas North Tollway. The driver collided with another vehicle, killing a 23-year-old woman and seriously injuring the other four occupants of that car. The wrong-way driver was also injured and was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Fatal accident claims lives of 3 siblings and family friend

These days, most people carry a cellphone at all times. While many people understand the responsibility that comes with such a device, some still do not and sometimes use their phone in an unsafe manner, such as when they are driving. Recently, a Texas woman lost three of her children, as well as a family friend, in a fatal accident that may have been caused by cellphone distraction.

The crash happened on a recent Friday morning when the mother, siblings and a family friend were traveling to San Antonio to watch an older sibling in a dance competition. The mother, who was driving, stopped to make a turn, and another vehicle slammed into her from behind. According to preliminary reports and surveillance video, the driver of the second vehicle applied the brakes less than one second prior to impact. The Texas Department of Public Safety has said this fact may indicate cellphone distraction on the part of the driver.

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