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Car trouble leads to fatal accident for Texas man

Most Texas drivers, from time to time, have experienced car trouble and have had to pull over to the side of the road to investigate further. Sometimes, this happens on a busy highway where the driver is vulnerable to passing vehicles. Such situations can result in a fatal accident, which, unfortunately, is what happened recently in San Antonio.

The accident happened late one recent Wednesday evening. The 33-year-old victim lost control of his Nissan on a ramp and then collided with a concrete barrier. The man got out of his car and was assessing the damage when a box truck ran into the Nissan, which then hit and killed the car's driver and resulted in several minor injuries for other drivers who were involved in the chain reaction that ensued.

Young teen killed in tragic car accident

Most Texas drivers realize the importance of checking both ways when approaching an intersection, just in case another driver does not stop when necessary. However, we are all human and sometimes can become distracted or simply forget what we should be doing, so not everyone practices this safety measure every single time. Occasionally, a car accident is the unfortunate result. This appears to be what happened on a recent Saturday morning.

The accident happened when a tractor-trailer hit a car broadside at an intersection in Lewisville, killing a 13-year-old girl in the back seat of the car. The 37-year-old driver and her 9-year-old son and 13-year-old daughter were taken to the hospital. Although the mother's condition was unknown as of the following day, the children are reportedly in critical condition. The tractor-trailer driver was unharmed.

3 young people killed in fatal accident in San Angelo

Sometimes an evening that begins as a fun night out with friends suddenly ends tragically. Sometimes this happens after a few drinks are consumed, leaving a person feeling invincible. This may have been the case when four young people in San Angelo were involved in a fatal accident.

The Texas accident happened just before midnight on a recent Tuesday evening. According to San Angelo police, the vehicle was traveling southbound on a local road when the driver lost control. The car hit a fiberglass light pole and flipped several times on its way down a nearby embankment.

Horrific car accident result in Dallas student's death

Here is a scene that is regularly played out in Texas and across the country: a group of teenagers traveling together in a vehicle, perhaps on their way to or from school or a fun event. What begins as a typical daily occurrence can sometimes, however, turn tragic in seconds. For a group of Dallas teens, sadly, this was the case when they were involved in a horrific car accident, resulting in the death of a 16-year-old girl.

On a recent Wednesday morning, five teenagers were traveling on a local road in an SUV when the vehicle was clipped by a car crossing a road in front of them. According to investigators, the driver of the SUV then lost control and hit a pole. One of the SUV's back seat passengers was ejected from the vehicle and died at the scene, while three other passengers suffered various injuries requiring hospitalization. The driver was not hurt. All of the teens attended the same Dallas high school.

Possible reckless driving results in fatal car accident

When a person gets behind the wheel of a vehicle, he or she takes on a great responsibility. To ensure the safety of all vehicle occupants, as well as other vehicles, pedestrians and bicycles on or near the road, a driver must obey the rules of the road and fully concentrate on the task at hand. Most drivers, most of the time, do so. Occasionally, however, a driver will exhibit unsafe driving habits, sometimes resulting in a car accident. Two men recently suffered the consequences of such a situation on a Texas highway.

The accident happened in San Antonio early one recent Friday evening when the young male driver veered off the highway and then apparently tried to correct the error by getting back on. After flipping over many times and ejecting the male passenger, the SUV landed on its side. The driver was also partially ejected.

Road rage incident leads to fatal accident in Texas

Most Texas drivers, at one time or another, have been annoyed by another driver's actions while behind the wheel. However, some drivers take this annoyance to an entirely different level -- in fact, what is known as road rage -- resulting in an unsafe or even deadly situation. On a recent Monday, three vehicles collided on a road in North Houston resulting in a fatal accident, possibly due to a case of road rage.

The crash occurred when a white van traveling northbound on a service road crossed an intersection. Two other vehicles heading westbound on the crossroad ran a red light and hit the van, killing a passenger and sending three other occupants to the hospital. In addition, three people from the other two vehicles were taken to the hospital.

NTSB finds truck driver was impaired in fatal accident

Many Texas residents are safe drivers, and this attention to safety includes avoiding ingestion of any substances that may impair one's driving ability. Unfortunately, some drivers take to the road after they have been drinking, using illegal drugs or even misusing prescription drugs. Such was the case in a fatal accident involving a pickup truck and a church bus that took place last year.

The crash happened in March 2017 when the truck and the bus were involved in a head-on collision, killing 12 of the 13 senior passengers as well as the driver. According to the Texas Department of Transportation's crash report, the young man driving the pickup admitted he had taken twice his usual dosage of a prescription medication prior to the crash, as well as used his phone to text while driving. Witnesses reported that he had been driving erratically during the 15 minutes preceding the crash. He was subsequently charged with multiple counts of intoxication manslaughter.

Motorcycle accident may have been caused by intoxicated driver

A motorcycle can be a fun and invigorating way to travel. However, although this mode of transportation appeals to some, motorcyclists need to pay special attention when riding. Because these vehicles are typically much smaller than most other types of motor vehicles, they may not be as easily seen. Even the most careful riders may find themselves in a motorcycle accident, and the damage may be significant to both the motorcycle and the operator. Such was the case in a recent accident in Texas.

The accident occurred in Bell County on a recent Friday evening and involved two motorcycles and a pickup truck. The driver of the truck attempted a U-turn while heading south on a state highway and, while doing so, collided with a motorcycle heading north. That motorcyclist then hit another motorcycle.

Horrific pedestrian accident may lead to wrongful death claim

Walking should be a safe and easy form of transportation. However, when sharing the road with motor vehicles, pedestrians sometimes encounter dangerous conditions. Such was the case for a woman in Dallas who, on a recent Friday afternoon, was simply going about her job in a neighborhood she often frequented and was run over by a dump truck. Her grieving family likely has grounds to pursue a wrongful death suit in a Texas civil court.

The 52-year-old mother and wife appeared to have the right of way at a pedestrian crosswalk when the large dump truck hit her while making a turn. The two men in the truck remained at the scene and spoke with police. Witnesses speculate that the driver may not have seen the woman, but according to police, he may now be charged with criminally negligent homicide.

Unsafe road conditions may cause a bicycle accident

Many Texas residents enjoy traveling by bicycle rather than car, at least some of the time, and the reasons for doing so vary. It can be a good form of exercise, save money, reduce one's carbon footprint and allow the cyclist a better view of the surrounding areas. Unfortunately, even when a cyclist follows all the rules of the road, a bicycle accident can happen.

Sometimes such accidents are a result of less than ideal road conditions, and this may have been the case in a recent bicycle accident in the Rio Grande Valley. A 19-year-old cyclist was hit by a car while riding his bicycle, and he died several days later in hospital. A young woman who is a friend of the victim approached the city commission to suggest that conditions along the rural road on which he was riding may have contributed to his death. She cited the need for a lower speed limit and better lighting along that stretch of road.

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