When our clients suffer injuries in an auto accident, we must file a claim, demand compensation, and seek a fair payout from the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier. GEICO is one of the largest auto insurance companies in the United States, so we handle injury claims based on their coverage frequently.

GEICO makes navigating the car accident insurance claims process unnecessarily complex. This is especially true when you are also dealing with physical injuries, emotional distress, and financial stress. Our team of auto accident lawyers is here to manage the claims process and fight for the compensation you deserve.

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What Are the Steps Required to Navigate the GEICO Injury Claim Process?

Understanding how our car accident attorneys handle GEICO injury crash claims lets you know what to expect when you hire our team to represent you. Usually, our relationship begins when you call us for a free consultation.

During this consultation, we answer your questions and gather essential details about:

  • Your accident
  • Your injuries
  • What you believe caused the crash
  • Information from documents such as medical records and police reports, if available
  • Other pertinent information

If you choose to hire us to handle your case after this consultation, we will take the necessary steps to identify the potentially liable parties. Sometimes, this is easier than others.

Victims often have a good idea of what occurred, and the police report might show that the other driver received a citation. For example, if one driver gets a ticket for running a red light, they likely caused the intersection crash.

After your collision, the police officers who responded to the scene got the insurance information of every driver involved. When the at-fault party has GEICO coverage, this is where we will file your claim, and the company should pay for the injuries, expenses, and losses you suffered.

As soon as we identify the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier, we notify GEICO of our intention to file a claim. This officially begins the claim process. From there, we manage all communication with the insurance adjuster and other GEICO representatives.

Then, you must build a compelling case to show:

  • The other driver acted negligently and caused the crash
  • Your injuries, expenses, and losses occurred due to the accident
  • Your case is worth the money demanded by our attorneys

Building a solid case against the at-fault driver requires us to:

  • Identify, gather, and analyze evidence
  • Interview eyewitnesses
  • Obtain official documents
  • Partner with experts
  • Assess the extent of your damages, including economic, non-economic, and future costs

We must have evidence to show the circumstances that led to the crash, and it must be strong enough to convince the GEICO adjuster that you deserve a fair payout. This evidence supports our attorney’s demand letter and negotiations, showing the insurance representatives that their policyholder is liable.

Often, these cases settle at this point. GEICO agrees to pay a fair amount based on our evidence, and we can close the case. However, we will not hesitate to sue the driver and prepare the case for a civil trial when necessary.

Challenges Our Lawyers Face When Handling a GEICO Injury Claim

Car Accident Lawyer facing Challenges in GEICO Injury ClaimOur car accident attorneys handle many GEICO claims every year. We know how this insurance company works and understand how to present evidence in a way that often compels them to settle the case and compensate our client fairly. However, hurdles and roadblocks are common.

Some challenges we may face in GEICO auto accident injury claims include:

Liability Disputes

GEICO, like all auto liability insurance companies, may dispute liability in a car accident case. They could blame the accident on another driver or a third party or even point the finger at you. Our car accident attorneys must meticulously gather evidence to show the at-fault driver’s negligence and counter any attempts by GEICO to shift blame.

Shared Fault

Texas has modified comparative negligence laws. These laws state that a victim can pursue compensation for their damages even if they contributed to causing them. The state follows the 51 percent rule. You can seek and recover compensation if you are less than 51 percent at fault.

However, the percentage of fault assigned to you will reduce your payout. GEICO and other insurers often use this law to attempt to reduce the payout in these cases, making it difficult to recover fair compensation.

Lowball Settlement Offers

GEICO may make lowball settlement offers early in the claims process, hoping to resolve the matter swiftly and at minimal cost. We recommend hiring our team as early in the process as possible to avoid these offers. Our attorneys advocate for recovering fair compensation based on your medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, and other damages. We will not settle for less than you deserve.

Policy Limits

Each insurance policy has its own standards and provisions. Understanding the limits and exclusions of the at-fault driver’s GEICO policy is crucial. This could determine the amount of compensation available in your case. Our attorneys carefully analyze the policy provisions to determine the scope of coverage and any hurdles we must clear to secure a fair payout.

What You Need to Know About GEICO When Filing Your Injury Claim

GEICO stands for Government Employees Insurance Company, although coverage is available to anyone. As one of the largest auto insurance companies in the United States, GEICO has millions of policyholders nationwide.

According to the J.D. Power U.S. Auto Claims Satisfaction Study, GEICO ranked slightly above the national average for overall customer satisfaction in one recent year. While their policyholders are happy, those who need to file a claim because of a crash caused by a policyholder may not be.

Navigating the claims process after a car accident is rarely easy. We do not recommend crash victims try it on their own. When we represent clients hurt in accidents caused by GEICO-insured drivers, we must use our nuanced understanding of the company’s policies, procedures, and negotiation tactics. Most individuals without extensive experience in car accident law do not have this knowledge of the GEICO claims process.

Understanding the Legal Strategies We Use When Handling a GEICO Car Accident Injury Claim

Each case we handle requires a unique approach and strategy. The circumstances dictate how we manage the case and maximize the financial recovery for our client. We will not know how we might handle your case during your initial consultation but will discuss it with you as we proceed through the process.

Some common legal strategies our car accident lawyers employ in GEICO injury claims include:

Presenting a Strong Case With Compelling Evidence

Our car accident attorneys conduct thorough investigations for our clients. We determine what happened and the role each party played in the crash. This includes showing the at-fault driver acted negligently and is liable.

Comprehensive documentation—including medical records, bills, videos and photographs, expert opinions, and witness statements—strengthens our case and bolsters negotiations with GEICO for a fair settlement.

Demanding Fair Compensation for Our Client

Once we understand the fair settlement range of a case and have the evidence to support it, we craft a persuasive demand letter outlining:

  • The client’s injuries
  • The recoverable damages
  • The basis for liability

Presenting strong evidence and documenting the damages incurred often compels GEICO to engage in meaningful settlement discussions with our lawyers.

Aggressively Negotiating for a Just Payout

Our car accident lawyers negotiate settlements regularly. We use proven negotiation techniques to pursue fair payouts based on the details of each case. We are comfortable and confident navigating this process, and you can count on us to fight for the money you deserve based on the facts of your case.

Mediating the Case

Sometimes, the courts might ask us to work with a trained, third-party mediator to see if they can help us reach a settlement agreement. This is common before some courts will put a car accident case on the docket for trial.

Our attorneys know how this process works and what to expect. We can accept fair settlement offers or reject those that do not compensate our clients fairly.

Litigating Cases When Necessary

If settlement negotiations fail to reach an agreement, our attorney will proceed to the next step in the process. Sometimes, this may be necessary without attempting to settle the case. Your car accident lawyer will advise you if this is possible based on the circumstances surrounding your injuries.

When we pursue litigation, it means we are filing a lawsuit against the at-fault driver and, by extension, GEICO. We know how to navigate the legal system, build and present a strong case, and advocate for our clients’ rights in court.

We know you probably hope your case will not go to trial. This is often scary and intimidating for crash victims. However, having our team of experienced legal professionals to manage your case should offer peace of mind.

Handling a GEICO Injury Claim Is Difficult on Your Own

All insurance companies, including GEICO, try to pay as little as possible for each car accident claim. They might use tricks and tactics to reduce the value of your case or make an extremely low initial offer they hope you will accept. They understand you want to put this behind you and use this to their advantage.

However, these lowball offers are often less than victims owe for their ongoing medical care. They do not consider lost income, future care costs, or pain and suffering. The GEICO insurance adjusters know you are unaware of the possible settlement range of your case this early.

GEICO and other insurance carriers often continue to pursue a low settlement value until you hire a car accident attorney or sue the at-fault driver. These actions show them you are serious about recovering the money you deserve.

Handling a GEICO injury crash claim requires skill, diligence, and experience. You want a car accident lawyer on your side who understands GEICO’s insurance policies, advocates for their clients, and employs strategic legal tactics.

Despite the challenges that always come with dealing with insurance companies, an experienced personal injury attorney’s guidance can make a significant difference.

When Should I Hire a Car Accident Lawyer for My GEICO Injury Claim?

Hiring a car accident LawyerOur attorneys recommend contacting our team for your free consultation as soon as your injuries are stable and you are thinking clearly enough to make the call. If you have a loved one with catastrophic injuries, call us on their behalf. To build the most compelling case, we should begin working within days or weeks of a collision.

This allows us to protect your rights from GEICO’s attempts to settle the case early and manage all communication with the insurance carrier from the start. This goes a long way to reduce your stress about the case and allow you to focus on your treatment, healing, and rehabilitation. You do not want to take calls from a GEICO claims adjuster while you are still in the hospital or a local rehab facility.

We can also begin our investigation into the accident as soon as you hire us to handle your case. This is important because of the time-sensitive nature of many types of evidence.

This includes:

  • Eyewitness statements
  • Video of the crash
  • Accident scene surveys and documentation of the scene
  • Damage done to each vehicle
  • Evidence held by the liable party

You may need certain evidence for your GEICO insurance claim. We need to act quickly to ensure we have access to all the evidence available to show negligence, liability, and the damages you endured. Waiting could mean the loss of key evidence to support our claim.

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