Car insurance companies are looking for any way to deny or devalue claims. One tactic they use to try to improve their chances of getting victims to accept lowball offers is to delay the process.

They figure the longer they take, the more likely the victim will accept the insurance company’s offer. Victims may be desperate for compensation because they have huge medical bills they need to pay off and they may be unable to work.

If you feel like the insurance company is taking forever to return your phone calls or review documents you submit, they may not be incompetent. They may be doing it on purpose.

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Is the Insurance Company Intentionally Delaying the Process?

There are certain things insurance companies often do when they are trying to delay the process. For example, they may take forever to return your phone calls. At first, they may get back to you quickly, but as time goes on, you might wait longer and longer to hear back. Even when they do return your calls, they may mislead you.

Another way insurance companies may delay the process is by continually providing more forms for you to fill out. Not only do you need to spend more time filling these forms out, but the insurance company can spend a long time “reviewing” these forms.

You may not have time to drop these forms off in person, so you may send them by fax or email. However, the insurance company may claim they never received an email or fax.

Often, these forms ask for information the insurance company does not need, or for information you already provided on other forms.

The insurance company may also delay its investigation of your claim. While you should allow some time to investigate, it is unlikely the investigation should take several weeks or longer.

Another strategy insurance companies may use is to simply ignore your calls and emails after they make a lowball offer. They may not have closed out the claim, but they do not want to negotiate. They think they can simply ignore you and wait and you will eventually accept their offer. They know this is frustrating and you need compensation to pay your medical expenses.

Another tactic that may be meant to delay the process is to contest the severity of your injury or its connection to the crash. They may do this no matter how severe your injury is or how clear your medical records are about what caused the injury.

How Delays Benefit the Insurance Company

It is in the insurance company’s best interest to delay your claim. The longer they delay, the longer they can avoid paying out compensation. Any compensation they pay comes directly out of their profits. They invest your premium payments to make sure their profits keep growing, which is why holding onto the money just a little longer benefits them.

While most claims are resolved via insurance settlements, you have the option of filing a lawsuit. However, insurance companies are aware of the statute of limitations for car accident lawsuits in Texas. By delaying your claim, they are attempting to run out the clock. You have just two years from the date of the crash to file a claim.

If you have any reason to suspect an unreasonable delay in the process, you should strongly consider talking to an experienced attorney. Despite it being unfair to crash victims, insurance companies often take claims more seriously when they are being pursued by attorneys.

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