It’s that time of the year! For the next two weekends – October 4th through 6th and October 11th through 13th – Austin City Limits (ACL) Music Festival will be held at Zilker Park.

ACL is a great time to get together with friends, family, and everyone between and celebrate everything that’s great about the best city in Texas. We don’t want your celebration to be cut short because you get into an accident in Austin or get hurt. An injury could put you on the sidelines and keep you from seeing any of the stellar acts that are lined up to play. Taking a little time to prepare yourself for a safe, but fun, weekend can help to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Here’s what you need to know.

It’s Going to Be a Hot One, So Stay Hydrated

The first weekend of ACL looks like it’s going to start off on the cool side. However, by the time Sunday afternoon rolls around, it’ll be in the mid-80s and humid. Don’t let the heat and humidity sneak up on you. Dehydration is no joke.

We know there’s nothing better than enjoying a cold beer while you’re taking in some live music. However, even one beer or shot of tequila can cause you to get dehydrated, especially if that’s all you’re drinking. When you drink, alcohol “suppresses your body’s natural antidiuretic hormone that sends fluid back into your body.” At the same time, it acts as a diuretic, causing water to “be flushed out of your system much more rapidly than normal.

In other words – alcohol essentially sucks the moisture out of your body. When you’re dehydrated, you’re more likely to be fatigued, suffer from dizzy spells, get headaches, and even pass out. You’ll also significantly increase the likelihood of having a hangover, which could really ruin your next day at ACL.

How can you stay hydrated at the Austin City Limits festival? Try alternating alcohol and water. Enjoy a beer while you sing along with Kacey Musgraves. Then, when you head over to check out Cardi B, have some water and food. When it’s time for Mumford and Sons you can finish the evening with a nice cool cocktail, glass of wine, or a beer. At the end of the day, you (and your wallet) will feel much better than if you hadn’t strayed from the booze.

Music Festivals Are Far From Tidy, So Watch Your Step

The last thing you want to do is trip and fall while you’re walking up to the stage to get a great spot to see Guns N’ Roses. However, music festivals aren’t known for being the cleanest places in the world. There might be wires running from the stage to a sound booth. People are camped out on the ground taking a breather. By the end of the night there’s probably trash everywhere. If you’re not careful you could slip, fall, and seriously hurt yourself.

So, take the time to watch your step and look where you’re going. Keep an eye out for hazards that could potentially cause you to lose your footing and fall. If you see something that might be dangerous, report it to security or ACL staff. Since they’re the hosts, they have a legal obligation to fix any hazards that they knew (or should know) about. If they don’t they could potentially be liable for resulting injuries.

Stay Calm and Avoid Fights

The Austin City Limits festival is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate Austin, meet new people, and enjoy some amazing live music. However, great things don’t always happen when there are a lot of people in a small, confined location. This is particularly true when most of those people have been drinking. Tensions can rise and lead to disputes. There’s a reason that there’s security everywhere, and it’s not just to protect the musicians.

It’s pretty simple – keep your cool and don’t get into any fights. If someone shoves you to get closer to the stage, do your best to ignore it. It’s not personal. If you trip over someone while they’re sitting on the ground, think about apologizing, even if it’s not your fault. Ignore drunk guys hitting on your girlfriend and move away from the situation.

Why? Verbal altercations can quickly escalate into full-on fistfights. Getting into a fight can get you kicked out of the festival and maybe even arrested. If you get hurt or seriously injure someone else, you could be looking at a long battle in court if someone decides to sue.

Enjoy your time at ACL. Drink in moderation and eat plenty of food. Drink a lot of water. Watch your step and be kind to others, even if you don’t think they deserve it. These simple steps can help to ensure that this year’s Austin City Limits festival is the best ever.