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Let Ted Lorenz Fight for the Money You Deserve After a Car Accident!

After a car accident, it may feel like you have nowhere to turn. You have medical bills to pay and lost wages from time off work to recover from your injuries, not to mention you are still facing the pain and inconvenience of your injuries. Did you know that, with a car accident attorney, you can seek compensation for all those losses? Attorney Ted Lorenz and Lorenz & Lorenz, L.L.P is the team you want on your case to make sure you are seeking the maximum compensation for your car accident losses. They have recovered millions in car accident settlements for their clients, and they know how to build your strongest possible case. If you are facing injuries and losses from a car accident that wasn’t your fault, Lorenz & Lorenz, L.L.P is here for you every step of the way. Read the script below to learn more about how Attorney Ted Lorenz and his team can help you!

Speaker 1: 

Spokesperson for Lorenz & Lorenz. 

Speaker 2: 

You get hurt in a car accident. Why should you call Attorney Ted Lorenz? 

Attorney Ted Lorenz: 

Because when you’re hurt, you need money, and I’ll fight to get it for you. I got a client who was rear-ended and needed neck surgery $98,532.67. Another client of mine was T-boned and broke his leg. I got him $265,946.76. 

Speaker 2: 

Wow, why wouldn’t you call Attorney Ted Lorenz? 

Attorney Ted Lorenz: 

When it comes to accidents, I’m on top of it.

The team at Lorenz & Lorenz PLLC is ready to put their two decades of experience to work to ensure you are seeking the maximum compensation you deserve. Don’t feel alone while recovering from your accident. Getting started is easy and affordable. Just contact the team today to receive a free case review, and they will handle the rest from there!