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Round Rock, TX Car Accident LawyerHave you recently been involved in a car accident Round Rock, TX? If so, you may be entitled to compensation for your lost wages, medical bills, and suffering. Lorenz & Lorenz, PLLC can help you fight to get the money you deserve. Since 2001, we’ve advocated tirelessly for crash victims across central Texas – and secured substantial monetary settlements and awards along the way.

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How Can Lorenz & Lorenz, PLLC Help If I’ve Been Injured in a Car Accident in Round Rock, TX?

Car CrashFollowing an unexpected crash in Round Rock, your world might be turned upside. If someone else is partly or fully responsible for the wreck, you may have the right to hold them accountable. You can do that by filing an injury claim with their insurance provider or filing a lawsuit in civil court. A successful claim can get much-needed cash in your hands as you get back on your feet.

However, the road to financial recovery isn’t always easy. In fact, it’s often quite challenging, thanks to scrupulous insurance companies and complex state injury laws. The best thing to do is reach out to a qualified Round Rock, TX personal injury attorney for help.

At Lorenz & Lorenz, PLLC, our team knows how much is riding on your personal injury claim. We know what a difference compensation can make in the weeks, months, and years to come. That’s why we’re ready to put our decades of combined experience to work for you today. Our team is ready to do whatever it takes to secure a meaningful monetary award on your behalf.

Among other things, we will:

  • Provide compassionate, empathetic legal assistance and advice
  • Conduct an exhaustive investigation into the circumstances leading up to and surrounding your accident
  • Compile compelling evidence to support your claim
  • Work with accident and injury experts as we work to determine, causation, fault, liability, and value
  • Handle all administrative aspects of your case, including court filings and discovery
  • Work to downplay or disprove allegations that you share any responsibility for the wreck in Round Rock
  • Enter negotiations armed with facts, evidence, and expert support so that we can leverage a meaningful settlement on your behalf

While most injury claims are resolved through a private settlement between the parties, that’s not always the case. You can rest assured that our attorneys will be more than prepared to take your case to the next level if insurers or at-fault parties don’t play ball and offer a fair deal. Our Texas trial lawyers are known for their ability to win in the courtroom. We’ll be ready, if and when it comes to that.

Want to learn more about how our Round Rock car accident attorneys might be able to help you after a crash in central Texas? Connect with us online or pick up the phone and give us a quick call. It’s that simple.

How Common Are Car Accidents in Round Rock, TX?

Airbag exploded at a car accidentFor a relatively small city, Round Rock has its fair share of motor vehicle accidents. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, there were a total of 2,723 crashes in Round Rock in 2019. That reflects a slight increase from the year before, when the city had 2,671 collisions.

How serious are the auto accidents that take place in Round Rock? In 2019, there were:

  • 4 fatal accidents, resulting in 6 fatalities
  • 48 “suspected serious” crashes, resulting in 53 “suspected serious” injuries
  • 288 “non-incapacitating” crashes, resulting in 406 “non-incapacitating” injuries, and
  • 380 “possible injury” crashes, resulting in 1,987 “possible” injuries.

Hundreds of other collisions resulted in property damage. Data is unavailable for at least 16 crashes and 121 victims, so the true toll of Round Rock crashes could be higher.

What Typically Causes Car Accidents in Round Rock, Texas?

On an average day in Round Rock, TX, there are between 7 and 8 motor vehicle wrecks. That’s one accident every three or four hours. What is causing so many collisions here? While anything can potentially cause a crash, common factors include:

Drunk Driving

Drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol are less capable of navigating the roads in Round Rock safely. In 2019, there were a total of 66 DUI-related collisions in the city. While none were fatal, many caused serious and incapacitating injuries.

Distracted Driving

distracted drivingJust because texting and driving is illegal in Texas doesn’t mean that distracted driving doesn’t happen. Distracted driving involves much more than using a cell phone behind the wheel. Distractions include anything that take a driver’s eyes off of the road, mind off of the task at hand, or hands off of the steering wheel. In 2019, there were 1,616 distracted driving accidents in Williamson County.

Fatigued Driving

Driving while tired can be just as dangerous as drunk driving. Drivers who are fatigued suffer from reduced reaction times and are more likely to fall asleep behind the wheel.


Speed-related accidents aren’t uncommon in and around Round Rock, TX. In 2019, there were 320 speeding car accidents across Williamson County. That’s nearly one speed-related crash a day.

Aggressive Maneuvers

Many times, drivers in Round Rock are in a rush. So, they engage in maneuvers that put themselves and others in harm’s way. This includes tailgating, passing improperly, failing to yield, racing through intersections to beat a red or yellow light, and making improper or illegal turns.

Defective Vehicles or Equipment

Sometimes airbags explode without reason or brakes fail. In those cases, it’s rarely the drivers involved in the collisions that are to blame. Rather, it’s the company (or companies) responsible for designing, manufacturing, or selling the defective products or vehicles.

Road Defects

The city of Round Rock, Williamson County, and the state of Texas are all responsible for designing safe roads and making sure that they’re in good condition. Sometimes, however, government employees and agencies allow things to slip through the cracks. Potholes, uneven road surfaces, and even obscured signage can – and sometimes do – contribute to car accidents in Round Rock. When that’s the case, the negligent government agency can potentially be on the hook for damages.

Regardless of what caused your collision in Round Rock, Lorenz & Lorenz, PLLC is here to help. Give our team a call to schedule a free consultation to learn more. With our team in your corner, you can increase the odds of walking away with the compensation you deserve.

We Handle All Car Accidents Cases in Round Rock, TX

Car accident crash flipped upside down, road closed by police

There are a lot of different things that can cause a car accident. Sometimes, more than one thing causes an accident. And, victims are all unique. So, no two car accidents are really the same. When you’re involved in a collision, you deserve to work with a law firm that has extensive experience handling all types of crash-related cases. That’s what you’ll get when you turn to Lorenz & Lorenz, PLLC for help.

We represent clients who’ve suffered injuries in:

  • Single-vehicle collisions
  • Multi-vehicle crashes
  • Frontal collisions
  • Side-impact crashes
  • Sideswipes
  • T-bones
  • Rear-end collisions
  • Rollovers
  • Highway crashes
  • Red and yellow light accidents
  • Intersection crashes
  • Collisions involving trucks, motorcycles, bicyclists, and pedestrians

Give our experienced car accident attorneys in Round Rock a call today to arrange a time to discuss the details of your case in detail. We’ll listen to your side of the story, help you understand your options, and do our best to answer the questions you have.

Common Injuries Stemming From Collisions in Round Rock, TX

An injury resulting from a wreck in Round Rock can cause devastating short-term and long-term consequences. At Lorenz & Lorenz, PLLC, we represent clients in all car accident cases in central Texas. Don’t hesitate to call our car and truck accident lawyers for help as you pursue compensation for:

We’re always standing by to take your call. So, it doesn’t matter if your wreck is in the middle of the day or at 3 in the morning. Give us a call and we’ll be there when you need us most.

Who Is Liable For My Injuries After a Crash in Round Rock, Texas?

lawyerAll parties who contribute to a crash can be financially responsible for the consequences. So, it is critical to investigate the circumstances of an accident thoroughly. That’s what Lorenz & Lorenz, PLLC is prepared to do. Once we know why your accident happened, we can focus on identifying who is to blame. When we have that information, we can begin to work on holding them accountable. This might include:

We’ll leave no stone unturned as we dig into the details of your crash. If someone played a role, we’ll be prepared to hold them legally and financially accountable.

What If I’m Blamed For a Round Rock Crash?

Female Driver Making Phone Call After Traffic Accident, looking at the accident

Texas adopts modified comparative negligence rules. Under the state’s law, accident victims are barred from securing compensation if their proportionate responsibility exceeds 50 percent. In other words, you can recover compensation if you share 50 percent or less of the blame.

Keep in mind that damages will be reduced to reflect your share of the blame. If you’re 10 percent at fault, your damages will be reduced by that much. So, if your damages equaled $100,000, you’d be able to walk away with, at most, $90,000. You could also be on the hook for 10 percent of the damages suffered by others in the collision.

It is critical to reach out to a qualified attorney for help if you are blamed or think you might be blamed for a car accident in the state of Texas. Insurance companies will try to shift as much of the blame to you as possible. Those efforts, if successful, can significantly reduce how much money you can get or prevent you from getting any money, at all.

Lorenz & Lorenz, PLLC will stand up and defend you at every turn. We’ll gather and compile evidence to disprove the claims or, at the very least, minimize your role. The less fault that’s assigned to you, the better.

What Happens If I Was Injured in a Work-Related Car Accident in Round Rock, Texas?

If you were injured in a car accident while on the clock for your employer, you could potentially be entitled to recover workers’ compensation benefits. Note, most employers in the state aren’t required to subscribe to the workers’ compensation system. However, many do so that they can avoid getting sued by injured employees.

If your employer has a workers’ compensation policy and you are injured while executing the responsibilities of your job, you might have a legitimate claim for benefits. Workers’ compensation benefits are available in addition to any damages sought through third party claims (excluding those against your employer, which would be barred under the no-fault system).

The workers’ compensation system is complicated. It should be easy for injured workers to recover benefits, but it’s often not. It can help to hire an experienced Texas workers’ compensation lawyer to help you navigate the process and fight to secure all of the benefits you deserve.

What Damages Are Available to Car Accident Victims in Texas?


The costs of an avoidable car accident can be extraordinary. The National Safety Council estimates that a crash resulting in only property damage can cost, on average, $4,500 per vehicle. When someone gets hurt, the average economic cost can range from anywhere between $12,200 (no injury observed) and $96,200 (disabling injury). A fatal crash can cost more than $1.69 million.

These are just the verifiable financial costs of a crash. These figures don’t factor in things like pain, suffering, and distress.

So, do not underestimate what your car accident case might be worth. Don’t discount what your crash might cost you over the course of a lifetime. Consider filing an injury claim and demanding the compensation you need and deserve.

When you pursue monetary damages, you can seek both economic and non-economic awards. This can include money for:

  • Present medical expenses
  • Future medical bills
  • Lost wages and income
  • Reduced earning capacity
  • Disability
  • Property damage
  • Emotional distress
  • Mental anguish
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Loss of quality of life
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Disfigurement
  • Funeral, burial, and other costs associated with a fatal collision

Insurance companies will try to deny your claim. If they can’t do that in good faith, then adjusters will work to minimize how much your claim is worth. Lorenz & Lorenz, PLLC will challenge these efforts at every turn. We’ll bring in experts and make sure that our demands are backed by strong arguments, data, and evidence. This way, we’ll be able to really dig into what your case is worth and position ourselves to secure all of the money you deserve.

Statute of Limitations For Texas Car Accident Lawsuits

Following an unexpected car crash in Round Rock, Texas, you will have up to two years to file a civil injury claim and request compensation from at-fault parties. Two years might sound like a lot of time. However, it’s really not, especially when you’re focused on recovering from gruesome and catastrophic injuries.

You will forfeit the right to recover compensation if you don’t file your claim within the time allotted by state law. Do not miss out on the money you deserve by waiting too long. Lorenz & Lorenz, PLLC can get to work on your case as soon as you hire our firm and ask for our help.

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