The Process Of A Car Accident Claim

The process of your car accident claim begins immediately after the colliding cars come to rest. Actions taken or not taken, words spoken and documents signed from that point on can have a great impact on the final dollar value of your injury claim.

To maximize the value of your car accident claim, we are prepared to guide you through the following steps:

  • Do not admit fault or give statements to insurance investigators or family members of the other motorist. You should, of course, cooperate with police at the scene of the accident and give the other driver your contact and insurance company information. You should not, however, participate in any lengthy question and answer session after the accident without legal representation.
  • Get medical help for anyone injured as soon as possible. Cooperate with the doctors and get any follow-up care they recommend. It may be important to your claim to demonstrate that you have made a good-faith effort to recover from your injuries as completely as you can. Follow doctors' orders, give your best efforts in therapy and, in general, do your part to get better.
  • It is important to gather evidence as soon as possible after an accident. This may include photos of the scene, identification information and testimony from eyewitnesses, photos or preservation of the crashed car, and photos of injuries. If your crashed car has not been taken out of reach by a car salvage operation yet, it is especially urgent that you talk to an attorney while the car can still be inspected. In some car accident cases, defective car parts such as air bags and seat belts are found to have contributed to the injuries. This will be difficult or impossible to prove without the evidence.
  • Once your attorney has assembled medical information as well as evidence as to the cause of the accident, he or she will develop a strong case and prepare to present it to an appropriate insurance claims adjuster. He or she may take videotaped statements from you, your family and eyewitnesses and will prepare a presentation as if for trial.
  • Your lawyer will prepare you for the time when you must decide to accept a settlement offer from an insurer or take your case to trial. In most cases, the settlement will be accepted before the case goes to a courtroom.
  • Case expenses and attorneys' fees will be part of the payout of benefits. An attorney who is truly on your side will work hard to ensure that the portion that remains for your use is ample enough to compensate you for your losses and account for anticipated expenses in the future, such as projected costs of replacement medical devices, vocational rehabilitation or plastic surgery that doctors say you will need in the future.

An Attorney Can Help Maximize Your Insurance Claim

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