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SUV Accidents in Central Texas

Sport utility vehicles have a higher rate of rollover, resulting in more injuries and fatalities than other passenger vehicles. And certain SUV models are more dangerous than others. The dangers stem from the way SUVs are designed.

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Injuries from SUV Rollover Accidents

The design defects in these vehicles lead to injury in two ways:

  • Instability — The skinny wheel base and top-heavy design make an SUV more likely to lose traction and roll in a sudden swerve. Tire blowouts from tread defects are a common trigger for this chain of events.
  • Non-crashworthiness — Some SUVs are notorious for design flaws that cause the frame of the passenger compartment to collapse as the vehicle rolls or flips upside down. Seatbelts and airbags may initially protect occupants from the violence of a rollover, but if the roof caves in, occupants can be seriously injured or killed.

Roof crush commonly results in permanent injuries from head trauma or spinal cord damage. SUV accident victims often suffer serious back and neck injuries, or debilitating soft tissue injuries from the force of the impact and twisting action on their joints.

Our attorneys are skilled at documenting the extent of injury and establishing how the design defect caused or contributed to those injuries. We are prepared to take on major automakers to secure our clients' compensation for the medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, and any lasting disability.

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