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When you purchase insurance, you expect to receive compensation if you suffer property damage or other losses covered in your policy. Often, insurance compensation is vital to ability to avoid a financial crisis.

The trouble is, insurance companies routinely deny or undervalue valid claims, leaving policyholders to deal with their expenses themselves.

If you believe the insurance company unfairly denied your claim or otherwise acted in bad faith, the San Antonio bad faith insurance lawyers at Lorenz & Lorenz may be able to help. We have extensive experience dealing with insurance companies that have acted in bad faith, and we have recovered compensation for numerous individuals in Texas.

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What is Bad Faith in an Insurance Claim?

Our attorneys are prepared to review your situation to determine if you may have a case. In the free case review we offer we may ask additional questions to clarify what has happened.

Some of the common types of bad faith insurance behavior we would look for include, but are not limited to:

  • Failure to communicate – with no explanation – in a reasonable timeframe
  • Failing to acknowledge receipt of your claim
  • Attempting to settle your claim for far less than its fair value
  • Failing to tell you about policy changes that could impact a claim
  • Neglecting to properly investigate your claim, or to do so within a reasonable amount of time
  • Failing to explain why your claim was denied
  • Purposely withholding information about your claim
  • Advising you not to hire an attorney

What Kind of Compensation Can I Receive for a Bad Faith Claim?

The amount of compensation a claimant may receive is different from case to case. However, if you are eligible to pursue a bad faith insurance claim, you may be able to pursue more compensation than the original value of your policy. Damages that may be available in a bad faith claim may include:

  • Economic losses – up to three times the amount the insurer would have paid in a reasonable and fair claim
  • Legal fees, court costs and interest
  • Emotional distress
  • Punitive damages – though more rarely awarded – to discourage the insurance company from repeating this behavior with other policyholders

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Are There Valid Reasons My Claim Could Have Been Denied?

Yes, there are valid reasons that the insurance company could deny your claim. For example, it may be valid to deny a claim because:

  • Your policy lapsed due to missed payments
  • The accident or property damage is not a covered event
  • The claim is greater than your maximum coverage allows
  • You missed the deadline for notifying the insurance company
  • You neglected to receive medical attention
  • You contributed to, or caused the accident

To help avoid having your claim denied, it is important to pay your premiums in a timely fashion, as even paying a few days late could cause your policy to lapse. Additionally, you should be sure that you understand the terms of your policy fully – including what is or is not covered.

How Could My Claim Benefit from an Experienced Lawyer?

Being involved in an accident that results in serious injury or property damage can be a traumatic experience. If your claim is subsequently denied for an invalid or unjust reason you could also suffer significant emotional and financial distress.

These situations are complicated enough when you are in good health and familiar with the legal process. However, when you are attempting to recover from your injuries, or severe property damages, you are already at a disadvantage with the insurance company. Determining what deadlines you must meet, whether or not the insurance company is treating you fairly or what amount of compensation is fair can be overwhelming.

Having an experienced attorney on your side to handle your claim and protect your best interests may benefit your situation.

If we represent you, we may ask some additional questions about how your claim was handled to get a clearer picture, such as:

  • Did your provider neglect to disclose information or purposely misrepresent facts about the policy you purchased?
  • Was there a proper investigation of your claim?
  • Did the insurance company either approve or deny your claim in a reasonable timeframe?
  • Did your insurer provide a valid reason for denying your claim?
  • Were you offered a sum far less than your claim is worth and if so, what was the reason given?

Our firm has secured numerous settlements and verdicts from insurance companies on behalf of accident victims. We know this is a difficult time for you and we are prepared to manage your claim every step of the way.

How Texas Law Protects Policyholders

The attorneys at Lorenz & Lorenz have extensive knowledge of both state and federal laws that are designed to protect policyholders, such as the Unfair Claims Settlement Practices Act. This law was implemented to protect policyholders from certain acts of unreasonable behavior that insurance companies may attempt when you pursue a claim.

If an insurance company denies you the benefits you paid for without a valid reason or written explanation, they are in violation of the Texas Insurance Code.

Even though laws are in place to help protect you, they can be confusing to understand. Our team of legal professionals is prepared to review the details of your situation to determine if you may have been treated in an unjust manner.

What Steps Should I Take After Receiving a Denial Notice?

Like many states, Texas has a complaint process for policyholders to follow to help them resolve bad faith claims dispute. Complaints are filed online through the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI).

However, before filing a complaint, there are a few other steps you should take:

  • Review the terms of your insurance policy to determine if there was a violation of your contract – or if the denial you received was valid.
  • Gather any documentation you have regarding your claim, such as photos, receipts, estimates, any correspondence with your insurer or police reports.
  • Document your attempts to resolve the denial.
  • Send a letter to your insurance company demanding payment of your claim, or a detailed explanation as to why it is being denied
  • File your complaint with TDI

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